docfacto launches a simple solution to keep your doc and code in sync

Maidenhead, 10 February 2014. Keeping code and documentation in sync is no easy task.  To solve this problem docfacto has just launched their first commercial release: docfacto Links.

docfacto Links is simple solution that doesn’t require the adoption of any complicated frameworks to keep your code and documentation in sync and has an Eclipse plugin with easy to use features. The plugin has a simple linking wizard to link to code or doc files and a “hover” feature showing the code or doc source files in the hover with a simple quick launch of the file in the associated editor directly from within the code or documentation.

docfacto Links also has dashboard which shows documentation coverage, and documentation debt levels.  The dashboard also shows when your code and doc are out of sync using version management. This makes it easier for those managing documentation to track when changes made to code affect documentation.

There’s also an API to extend docfacto Links to work with any programming language, which natively supports Java, C++, JavaScript, C, HTML, DITA, XML and Markdown.

Darren Hudson, CTO commented, “We have seen a gap in the market for a solution that provides synchronisation of code and documentation, driven by the needs of Technical Authors and Writers. The addition of the dashboard gives Development Managers a documentation coverage report. We see this solution as being of particular use to API documentation.”

Anyone wishing to try out docfacto Links can go on either a free basic plan or free 30-day trial. The docfacto Links plugin is available from the Eclipse Marketplace and the docfacto Links engine available for download on docfacto’s website.


About docfacto

docfacto is developing a set of tools for developers that work together from within their IDE and help eliminate documentation debt (the amount of work required to fix all outstanding documentation issues for a software project). The docfacto feature set is making it easier for developers to increase the accuracy of code comments, capture white board designs, link code, documentation and developer assets, show real-time examples and add rich content into their comments; improving software quality without affecting developer productivity.

docfacto tools have been designed and developed to work seemlessly together to take the “too hard” out of documentation without leaving the IDE, help business enrich their documentation and reduce documentation debt. If you would like to try our tool kit you can get it on our download page or try docfacto Links to keep your code and documentation in sync