docfacto offers free-to-use SVG UML shapes alongside the latest release of their toolkit

svg uml shapes and markersMaidenhead, UK, 02 October 2013. docfacto has just released their latest docfacto toolkit update to the Eclipse Marketplace and on their website. The focus of this release has been on improving usability. With their slogan of taking the “too hard” out of documentation, docfacto will continue to improve usability and add new features to support this.

Alongside this update, docfacto have released a set of SVG UML shapes and markers on their website, which are available for anyone to use free. In this release docfacto added UML shapes to docfacto Beermat, their SVG editor for Eclipse, but struggled to find a database of freely available SVG UML shapes online to use, so created these shapes themselves. Darren Hudson, CTO said, “Since we put in the work to create these SVG UML shapes we felt it would be great to offer them back to the community so that others also looking for SVG UML shapes online wouldn’t have to go through the process of creating them.” The SVG UML shapes are available on docfacto’s website either individually by inspecting the source or as a download for the whole set.

A number of usability improvements have been made to docfacto Beermat to ensure it is more intuitive; especially the selection and highlighting system. docfacto Beermat is helping docfacto’s clients’ Java developers to sketch the concept behind their code, within Eclipse, and link the SVG diagrams to their code, using docfacto Taglets. Grant Wallace from Logical Glue said “I love the simplicity of the tool and have been using it to develop code rationale to guide our development partners.”

In the last release docfacto introduced a beta version of their new tool docfacto Grabit, a screenshot tool for Eclipse. This release has seen usability changes to docfacto Grabit delivering fewer dialogue boxes. docfacto will be adding new features to ensure that docfacto Grabit is a feature rich screenshot tool for Eclipse and works with docfacto Beermat to embed a screenshot into SVG for easy annotation and translation.

About docfacto

docfacto is developing a set of tools for developers that work together from within their IDE and help eliminate documentation debt (the amount of work required to fix all outstanding documentation issues for a software project). The docfacto feature set is making it easier for developers to increase the accuracy of code comments, capture white board designs, show real-time examples and add rich content into their comments; improving software quality without affecting developer productivity.

docfacto tools have been designed and developed to work seemlessly together to take the “too hard” out of documentation without leaving the IDE, help business enrich their documentation and reduce documentation debt. If you would like to try our tool kit you can get it on our download page or try docfacto Links to keep your code and documentation in sync