docfacto Beermat, most advanced SVG graphics editor available for Eclipse gets a new look and improved functionality.


Maidenhead, UK, 11 November 2013. The latest release of docfacto Beermat boasts a new user interface for a cleaner look and user experience. docfacto Beermat is a simple and easy to use SVG graphics editor for Eclipse that allows users to create and edit SVG (scalable vector graphics) diagrams in real-time and provides both a design and source (XML) view.

Darren Hudson, docfacto CTO and co-founder explains, “SVG is a perfect format for creating diagrams to use in documentation. They’re easily editable and a universally recognised file format that can be version controlled, parsed and linked to because they’re structured XML.”

docfacto Beermat has a low learning curve and is easy to use making it perfect for developers to create quality top level diagrams explaining their code. With a built in UML shapes pallet, simple alignment tools and new connector functionality, creating diagrams that simply explain code within Eclipse has never been easier. Using docfacto Taglets these SVG diagrams can be linked to code; hovering over the taglet displays the diagram within Eclipse.

“When asking a developer to explain their code to me they often grab a piece of paper or go to a whiteboard to draw it. The reason being, it’s easier to explain code using a diagram. A diagram is much quicker to understand than a few paragraphs of text.” Darren explains, “We believe that giving developers a tool to do this within Eclipse will help improve documentation by giving developers an easier way to visually explain the “why” behind their code.”

docfacto Beermat now recognises raster images as a valid format and embeds them into SVG, as well as allowing users to export images to PNG and JPG. Embedding raster images in SVG is great for annotating screenshots for example and makes translation of the annotations possible.

docfacto’s screenshot and image viewer tool for Eclipse, docfacto Grabit, now makes it easy to open your image in docfacto Beermat. docfacto Grabit offers a timed screenshot functionality with some basic drawing and text functionality.

About docfacto

docfacto is developing a set of tools for developers that work together from within their IDE and help eliminate documentation debt (the amount of work required to fix all outstanding documentation issues for a software project). The docfacto feature set is making it easier for developers to increase the accuracy of code comments, capture white board designs, link code, documentation and developer assets, show real-time examples and add rich content into their comments; improving software quality without affecting developer productivity.

docfacto tools have been designed and developed to work seemlessly together to take the “too hard” out of documentation without leaving the IDE, help business enrich their documentation and reduce documentation debt. If you would like to try our tool kit you can get it on our download page or try docfacto Links to keep your code and documentation in sync